Continous Casting

Karachi Steel has installed the prospective method of Continous –Casting to cast Steel alloys.

The advantages of continuous casting

The use of continuous casting gives a range of advantages in comparison to conventional casting in moulds:

  • continuous casting is perfect for manufacturing semi-finished products (bars, slabs) of long sizes;
  • the micro structure of long semi-finished products is even and due to this there is less possibility for arising of tension in the product and the finished parts made from such products will be more durable;
  • continuous casting reduces metal cuttings and loss of metal compared to casting in moulds;
  • continuous casting is more economic regarding the energetic consumption;
  • there are less workers needed at the production process compared to casting in moulds;
  • all operations can be easily automatized and supervised;
  • it is easy to modify the quality and properties  of the semi-finished products by changing the cast parameters (the pulling speed of the product, the temperature of the crystallizer’s water);
  • continuous casting allows to manufacture metal slabs or bars in large amounts by short time.
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